I was just screwing around on my computer when I found a strange video called RobloxTelamon.avi. Out of curiousity, I watched it. The video was just a black screen with static in the background for 1 minute, weird. I decided to play Roblox to forget about that strange video. I saw a level in my favorites that I DID NOT FAVORITE, It was called ROBLOX. Weird. Aaaaaaaaaand, I played it. It was the same as the video I just saw but in the form of a Roblox level. I left it and saw another video file. It was called RobloxTelamon.avi, the same name! I watched it, it had the same thing as last time, the black screen with the same static sound in the background, but this time it had a Robloxian noob player in there saying, "Iiiiiiii lllloooovvveeee frrriiieeeedddd cccchhhhiiiccckkkeeeennnn..." and then the video instantly shut off. I decided to go to bed since it was midnight. I woke up the next morning and I wanted to play Roblox. I saw another level in my favorites that I DID NOT FAVORITE AGAIN, It was called TELAMON. It was the same thing as the video I saw yesterday with the same player saying the same thing. I watched the same video AGAIN to see the player had a knife! Suddenly, the lights in my house suddenly turned off and then I heard Roblox footsteps! And then I heard, "Iiiiiiii lllloooovvveeee frrriiieeeedddd cccchhhhiiiccckkkeeeennnn...". I never went on Roblox again. 

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